Communicating Student Learning

Communicating Student Learning

Westboro Elementary is pleased to inform you it will be using Elk Island Public Schools’ (EIPS) new elementary report cards in the 2017-2018 school year. Developed by EIPS, the report cards are designed to enrich achievement for students in grades 1 to 6 and enhance the quality of education within EIPS by building strong partnerships among students, teachers, and parents.

Teachers will continue to assess all areas of the current programs of studies, then,  student learning is reported using a five-point numeric scoring scale. Teachers will indicate student achievement in clear, parent-friendly categories in each subject. Additionally, the reports card will allow teachers to report personalized information about each student in relation to learner attributes, areas of strength, areas for growth, and next steps.

Please check out the following documents for more information!

CSL Parent Booklet

CSL Parent Brochure

Parent Guide to grade1

Parent Guide to Gr 2

Parent Guide to Gr 3

Parent Guide to Gr 4

Parent Guide to Gr 5

Parent Guide to Gr 6

The following link will take you to a document which outlines questions and answers around cloud storage of the report card.   FAQs Cloud Storage   In order to fully benefit from the new report card, we suggest that you access it online.  This requires a Powerschool Parent Portal account.  Information about how to set up this account can be accessed at this link or on the EIPS website.   Powerschool Parent Portal   Please use this link to access the cover letter that accompanied our first report card.   CSL Cover letter   Finally, please take the time to complete the two questions embedded in this link regarding the new report card.  Your feedback is sincerely appreciated!  

Westboro Guide to Reporting Student Achievement 2017-18