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At Westboro we have two different options for school supplies to suit your needs. Option One, Write-On Stationery, provides pre-packaged school kits as designed by the teacher; you simply go online select your school and class, complete payment and the supplies will be delivered directly to the school the end of August. Option two is to take the supply list on the back and purchase the items at your store of choice and send the supplies to school with your student on the first day! 

Please go to 

Select: Parents – Order Here 

School Name: Westboro Elementary School – Sherwood Park 

Class/Grade:  ECS Regular and Logos 

Order Deadline: July 15, 2022 


2022-2023 Kindergarten Regular and Logos

2022-2023 Grade 1 Regular and Logos

2022-2023 Grade 2 Regular and Logos

2022-2023 Grade 3 Regular and Logos

2022-2023 Grade 4 Regular

2022-2023 Grade 4/5 Logos

2022-2023 Grade 5 Regular

2022-2023 Grade 5/6 Logos

2022-2023 Grade 6 Regular

2022-2023 PLACE 2

2022-2023 STEPS