School Focus

Logos Program

Westboro Elementary is also home to the Logos program; a non-denominational Christian alternative program with a spiritual focus to instruction. 

The provincial curriculum is taught by Christian teachers with prayer, devotion time and Christian doctrine. Religious assemblies, called Chapels, are held during the school year for all Logos students. Programs may include Bible readings, worship songs, dramas and prayers. Different classes plan these celebrations and they often focus on different themes or religious holidays.

Parents, relatives and friends are always invited to attend. 

Please visit  for further information.

District Special Education Programs

Westboro Elementary provides all the elements for students to have an engaging and positive educational experience.  The varied needs of all of our students are met in a variety of ways through differentiation, Individualized Program Plans as required and excellent classroom instruction.  

Westboro Elementary is also proud to be the host school for two system programs; the PLACE program is designed to meet the needs of students with moderate cognitive disabilities and significant delays in all areas of development. The STEPS program is for students with severe cognitive disabilities and significant delays in all areas of development.  

Both programs require parental consent and specific entry requirements as set out by the EIPS Student Support Services department.

Extra Programs

Additional Programs:

Students in Grades 4-6 receive French instruction through the French as a Second Language (FSL) program. 

Social, emotional, and academic needs of students are met through the services of a part time counsellor. Westboro Elementary also works with our community to meet the needs of our students accessing service and support from Family Community Services and Alberta Health.

Technology is ever increasing in Westboro Elementary.  Video streaming, EIPS virtual library, DVDs, iPads and online media are integrated into the classroom learning environment in order to enrich student learning. Staff growth plans mirror these priorities and professional development in these areas is a focus.  Increasing the number of available devices for our students is also important. This year, we will be exploring the purchase of Chrome books for student use. 

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week - Compassion

Compassion literally means “to suffer together ” and it is defined as the feeling that you have when you are see another’s suffering and feel you need to help relieve them.

What is Compassion?

  • Compassion is understanding how another person feels.
  • Compassion is caring about others.
  • Compassion is showing concern through kind thoughts, words and actions.
  • Compassion is helping and giving.
  • Compassion is listening and being patient.

Over the months of November and December we will be talking about compassion in our school.  Through participation in activities for Anti-bullying Week as well as activities for Christmas, we hope to explore this virtue in greater detail.

During December, we will focus on understanding what it might be like to be cold and how we can help others through our donations of items to keep us warm.  These donations will be sent on to the Christmas Bureau.

We had many opportunities to discuss bullying and how to intervene, stand up and help others.

We also had the opportunity to try to experience and understand disabilities to help us develop our compassion for others.

Please use the links below to access some of the fabulous resources that our teachers used to promote compassion.

Bullying poster

Disability Awareness

Disability Quiz

Video links