Skippy Frog

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Think back to when you were learning to read…

  • Do sometimes get stuck on a word they can’t get despite trying different strategies??

Meet Skippy Frog

Sometimes a child may come across a difficult word in a sentence; one which they can’t read even after trying one or two other strategies. It’s OK for them to skip the word and read to the end of the sentence.

When they are done the sentence, have them go back to the word and see if they can guess the word. After they’ve guessed, have them look at it to see if it makes sense. Are the letters and sounds the same as the word they just said?

We do not want children to get caught up or stuck on a word, but it’s important to go back and see if they can figure it out after, based on the context of the sentence.

Sometimes, they still can’t get the word, so have them read a couple more sentences, or even the rest of the paragraph and then go back.