Counsellor's Corner

Counsellor’s Corner


Welcome to Westboro Elementary School! As your school counselor, my role is to promote students’ personal and social development by helping students overcome peer conflict, enhance academic achievement, and coordinate linkages between the school and the family/community. Areas of support I provide include learning difficulties, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, anger management, peer conflicts, social skills, stress, parent/child conflict resolution, changes in the family due to divorce/separation, self-harm, or suicidal ideations. We can also discuss if your child has a learning difficulty, requires individual supports, or additional assessments to identify his/her strengths, challenges, and recommendations for achieving their full potentials. The list is endless.

I encourage students to attend my office on Tuesdays or Thursdays (and every second Friday) to discuss their concerns. My door is always open to assist students and families with any concerns. 

If a parent, guardian, or student has a concern, please contact me and together we will find a solution. Parents can call (EXT 8603) or email me at Students can complete an appointment card next to my office door or ask their teacher to email me.

In the meantime, please check out the “Back to School Basics” from Alberta Health Services (importance of vision and hearing tests, immunizations, etc.) at:

 Take Care

Dianna Graziano, M.Ed., R.Psych.

--Never, never give up but believe that you CAN! Believe in YOURSELF.